Hi, I’m Lindsey!

I’m a curious creative constantly on the lookout for the next way to level up my experiences in life. Sure, it may be the ADHD, but I’m always on the move searching for the next fun thing. A brief look at my educational and professional history kind of tells the tale for me…

I am a business major turned baking and pastry major turned exceptional education teacher turned real estate agent turned instructional design graduate student turned creative food blogger.

It’s a long and winding road, and there’s no end in sight! But life is about the journey, and my therapist says that everyone’s journey is their own.

I’m passionate about curiosity, creativity, goal-setting, wellness, and personal growth.

I enjoy cooking, baking, doodling on my iPad, writing, reading, learning new things, curating my personal style, and the feeling I get after I complete a workout (the before and during part is *iffy* at best, but I do my best to push through ?).

I suppose I sort of always have been a “jack-of-all trades” in that way, and as a recovering perfectionist I’m sick and tired of the whole “master-of-none” part of that saying.

Why do we strive for perfection in our hobbies? That’s not how life works, and it’s certainly not what makes life fun.

Dabble if you want, pick up a few new tricks from one hobby, and take them with you to the next. My parents always told me growing up that I was like a bee, buzzing from one hobby to the next. Some may think that the metaphor of being a busy bee can trend negative, but learning about myself and my ADHD tendencies helps me embrace it with a positive spin.

I do live life like a honey bee, buzzing from flower to flower, and I somehow always find the time to make life sweet.

Our lives aren’t always “niche.” This is my biggest struggle with blogging. I never am sure exactly where I fit in. While I love categorizing things, sometimes you just can’t get that square peg to fit in the round hole. There’s not always a clear-cut answer to the gray zone that is life. After all, if the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes you just can’t control it all. So, I’m done trying. Or rather, I’m trying to be done trying. Would you like to join me in this journey?!

There’s plenty of time to get caught up in the seriousness of life.

I’m here to remind you to stop and smell the roses—even if you maybe forgot to water them last week.